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Small Business Borrowing Transparency

Understanding the guidelines for small business borrowing can be confusing. This ambiguity often leads entrepreneurs to accept expensive, short-term credit. Lendotics, and our AI powered Business Credit Qualifier, allows SMBs to ‘see behind the curtain’ eliminating the confusion. Lendotics leverages comprehensive personal and business bureau data and compiles that data into an easily digestible report. This powerful report empowers entrepreneurs to understand their business credit standing and make improvements (if need be), to make the right impression with lenders.

No Hard Credit Pull

As Lendotics focuses on assisting Small Business owners secure the right capital to sustain and grow their business, we are mindful that inquiries can dilute their eligibility.

No Monthly Membership

Whereas there are Bureaus that charge a recurring fee for separate reporting data points, the comprehensive Lendotics analysis aggregates multiple reports and informs Small Business owners of their current strengths and weaknesses on their borrowing eligibility.

Eligibility Consultation included

Given that there are several variables associated with existing debt and reported earnings external of the Lendotics analysis, a comprehensive consultation with acclaimed Business advisory firm is included with this report.